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Fu2ion is a creative partner studio dedicated to developing ​unique and customized digital and contemporary art ​projects for our clients. Based in Paris, we develop ​international projects by bringing together renowned digital ​artists around the aesthetics, values, and needs of our ​clients.

Our offer

Khaled Makhshoush The Outernet London 2023

Art sur-mesure

Creative Digital Campaign

Limited Editions

Constance Valéro Flowertrip ou Habille toi en jardin 2022 Fondation EDF

Art Advisory

©Manu Di Martino, OKUS PENDULUM - Opéra Royal de Wallonie, ©PHOTO Valentin Bianchi

Art sur-mesure

Incorporate artworks into prestigious interior and exterior architectures, ​design installations during special events, and transform workspaces with ​interactive artworks.

Exclusive Architectural Locations

Integrate custom artworks into prestigious buildings to add a touch of ​elegance and modernity.


Design immersive, interactive, and unique artistic installations for your public or ​private client events.

Professional Spaces

Transform your workspaces into inspiring environments. Co-create custom ​artworks for your offices, such as interactive walls within a company's ​premises, designed to stimulate creativity and innovation among your ​employees. An aesthetic and dynamic workspace can improve morale and ​productivity while reflecting your company's values and identity.

immerse customers in interactive experience

Creative Digital ​Campaign

Dynamize your digital campaigns by staying at the cutting edge of creative ​innovation with dynamic user experiences. Offer a distinctive aesthetic and a ​captivating narrative dimension to strengthen your brand's impact with ​immersive interactive experiences.


Co-develop advertising campaigns using the latest CGI and 3D animation ​techniques.


Co-create augmented reality (AR) experiences to engage your customers in ​a unique way. We offer campaigns where users can interact with virtual ​elements via their smartphone.

a distinctive narrative to amplify your brand

Limited Editions

Create capsule collections with digital artists, design innovative packaging for ​luxury products, and enrich the product experience. Your products take on an ​artistic dimension with a story and an artistic process.

Capsule Collection

Co-create limited editions in collaboration with renowned digital artists.

Packaging design

Co-design innovative product presentations to stand out from the crowd.

Interactive marketing:

Integrate augmented reality to offer an enriched, immersive product ​experience. Your customers can see and obtain additional information or ​interact with virtual elements.

Give your products a new artistic story

Constance Valéro Flowertrip ou Habille toi en jardin 2022 AR Nuit blanche 2022 Fondation EDF

Art sur-mesure

Art Advisory

Propel your brand to new creative horizons with personalised advice and tailor-​made creation. We'll help you integrate digital art strategically, reinforcing your ​differentiation, your commitment to your customers, your team and your ​brand image.

Expertise and acquisition

We offer comprehensive digital art expertise, from assessing your needs to ​seamlessly managing the buying and selling process, as well as expert art ​investment advice to maximise the value of your collection.

Training awareness

Train yourself in digital art during sessions, practical workshops fostering ​creativity and innovation, and engaging conferences to raise awareness of ​digital art's impact within your company.

Personalised artwork

collaborate with digital artists to create custom artwork tailored to your ​business needs, seamlessly integrating it into your company premises or points ​of sale, reflecting your brand's unique vision.

Exhibition curatorship

We organise and curate digital art exhibitions tailored to your brand, selecting ​artworks to match the theme of the exhibition and coordinating with digital ​artists for a seamless presentation.

familiarize yourself with DIGITAL ART

How does it work?



Share your story, your ideas and your budget.

We refine your brief, introducing you to different artists, styles and mediums.

We then pre-select up to 10 artists who match your vision.

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Discover our artists' statements of intent.

Refine your choice with their sketches.

The co-creation process begins.

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We take charge of the artistic project in its entirety, from contract management ​to the production of the work.

Follow up the creation of your work in 2 to 3 months.

Organise a vernissage to celebrate the event

©Geoffrey Hillereau, Vase n2, 2023

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About us

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Joséphine Louis

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Joséphine Louis, Paris-based art advisor and curator, specializes in digital ​art, leveraging a discerning eye for innovation. With a wealth of experience ​curating exhibitions and sourcing exceptional artworks for collectors, ​festivals, and art foundations, she thrives on tailoring projects to today's ​artistic landscape. Since 2021, she has been deeply engaged in the crypto-​creative realm, actively curating, promoting, and collecting NFTs, ​culminating in the establishment of Funghi Gallery. With five years of Art ​Market immersion, Joséphine seamlessly bridges traditional and digital art. ​Her multifaceted expertise extends to advising art institutions and luxury ​brands, where she excels in curating innovative experiences that resonate ​globally.

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Kim Departe

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Kim Departe is a professional with a passion for digital art. Since 2021, she has been advising on and disseminating digital art, collaborating with various artists and players in the field.

After working for 2 years at Galerie Charlot, one of Paris's leading digital art galleries, she teamed up with Valérie Hasson-Benillouche to create Marais DigitARt. This innovative project brings together people with an interest in digital art to take part in a walk dotted with augmented reality works in urban spaces. Her mastery of project management and her knowledge of emerging technologies position her as a key figure in the world of contemporary digital art.

©Mime Paris, Echoes of the past XIII - XIV, 2023

Our expertise

+1400 International Artists Listed

Curation and Consultancy in Digital Art

  • Search for exceptional works, particularly in the ​mediums of AI, generative art, Augmented ​Reality, video art, multimedia installation, ​interactive art, digital painting, 3D animation ​and CGI.

  • Tailor-made artistic projects that reflect your ​brand, your values and your sensibility. We ​create an inspiring story to help you make a ​difference.

  • Art acquisition consultancy for art institutions ​and corporate foundations, making informed ​recommendations based on aesthetic, financial ​and strategic criteria.

Strategic Support for Artists & Brands

  • Full support for strategic partnerships ​between brands and artists, from establishing ​contact with artists to launching a project.

  • Budget and contract negotiations, drafting of ​copyright contracts, project coordination and ​technical monitoring of the production of ​works.

  • Artistic advice on creation, PR and marketing ​strategy, and event organisation and ​management to ensure successful ​collaborations.

Merging with experts in digital art

Fu2ion is a creative partner studio dedicated to developing unique and customized ​digital and contemporary art projects for our clients. Based in Paris, we develop ​international projects by bringing together renowned digital artists around the aesthetics, ​values, and needs of our clients.

We can guide you in the development and integration of artworks in architectural, design, ​and event projects. Additionally, we can assist in capsule collections and innovative ​digital campaigns.

Thanks to our experience in the contemporary art world, we are able to provide impactful ​curatorial expertise, the creation of unique projects, and the delivery of tailor-made artistic ​advice. Dedicated to luxury brands, architecture and design firms, and event companies ​and private. Fu2ion weaves connections between new artistic expressions and brands to ​bring meaningful projects to life, integrating emerging technologies and digital creation. It ​is the fusion of creativity, excellence, and innovation.



meticulous curation of recognised ​artists BY AN experiencedTEAM



multidisciplinary arts offerings that ​engage and inspire the public.



Contemporary artists at the cuttingedge of new technologies.

©Geoffrey Hillereau, 2023


Accessibility and ​sharing

We are committed to making our projects ​inclusive and accessible, promoting the ​sharing of the arts.


Authenticity and ​Commitment

We cultivate authentic partnerships, based on ​trust and respect, so that each project ​faithfully incarnates the values of brand and ​artist.


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Fu2ion is an artistic studio founded by Kim ​Departe and Joséphine Louis