© Geoffrey Hillereau - Vase n°2, 2022 - 26 x 34 x 71 cm, golden aluminium - wood beech - concrete - pmma neon - resin - steel

Art Advisory

Propel yourself towards new creative horizons ​with personalized advices and tailor-made ​creation. We'll help you integrate digital art ​strategically, strengthen your differentiation and ​commitment to the digital art scene, and share ​cutting-edge art with your partners.

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Expertise acquisition

We offer comprehensive digital art ​expertise, from assessing your ​needs to seamlessly managing the ​buying process, as well as expert ​art investment advice to maximise ​the value of your collection.

Digital exhibition curatorship

We specialize in curating and overseeing online digital art exhibitions tailored to your brand, selecting artworks aligned with the exhibition's theme, and coordinating with digital artists for a seamless presentation.

Personalised artwork

We collaborate with digital artists to create custom artwork tailored to your business needs, seamlessly integrating it into your company premises or points of sale, reflecting your brand's unique vision.

Training awareness of digital art

We offer comprehensive digital art training sessions, practical workshops fostering creativity and innovation, and engaging conferences to raise awareness of digital art's impact within your company.

Constance Valéro Fondation EDF Flowertrip ou Habille toi en jardin 2022 Expérience en réalité augmentée dans le cadre de l exposition Faut il voyager pour être heureux Nuit blanche 2022
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Fu2ion is an artistic agency founded by ​Kim Departe and Joséphine Louis