Khaled Makhshoush The Outernet London 2023

Immersive Experience

Create digital art event experiences such as ​exhibitions, interactive installations and creative ​workshops to energize your brand image with ​your customers.

immerse customers in ​interactive experience

Ines Alpha Photo Booth Artistic filters and live printing

Seminars and conferences

Organise professional seminars and conferences, accompanied by online digital art exhibitions that allow global discovery of your works and products. You can also offer virtual reality experiences where participants can immerse themselves in creative virtual worlds and immersive adventures.

Product Launch event

Organise launch events for new products/services, surrounded by digital art with immersive brand experiences and interactive installations using virtual and augmented reality.

Networking & team-building

Organise networking evenings and team-building events where participants can connect and collaborate, accompanied by artistic activities based on digital art to strengthen team spirit.

Visual concerts VIP clients

Organise exclusive events for VIP clients including visual concerts with digital artists and musicians, live content creation sessions, and projection mapping shows for unique visual transformations on iconic buildings.

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Fu2ion is an artistic agency founded by ​Kim Departe and Joséphine Louis