Our goal is to perfectly match your brand with an artist's universe. Draw on our experience of the art market and the hundreds of hours devoted to monitoring the work of a large international network of digital artists from a wide range of backgrounds, including AI, AR, video art, multimedia installation, interactive art, digital painting, 3D animation, CGI, etc.

Fondation EDF, Flowertrip ou Habille toi en jardin, 2022, Expérience en réalité augmentée, dans le cadre de l’exposition « Faut-il voyager pour être heureux ? “, Nuit blanche 2022

Constance Valéro

Paris-based artist Constance Valero combines her skills in animation and modelling, acquired at the Atelier de Sèvres and the École des Gobelins, to create immersive digital worlds incorporating Augmented Reality and 3D, while tackling contemporary social issues. Constance Valero's works, presented at prestigious events such as the Venice Biennale and Maison Guerlain, as well as at the Palais Augmenté, celebrate life and its resilience through monumental virtual structures, offering visitors an immersive experience.

Artwork commission : Maison Guerlain, Fondation EDF, Collection Lambert

The series Compost by artist Lauren Moffatt transmutes vibrant and organic flowers into minerals.

Lauren Moffatt

Lauren Moffatt is an Australian artist working with immersive environments and ​experimental narrative practices represented by Galerie Charlot. Her works, often ​presented in hybrid and iterative forms, explore the paradoxical subjectivity of connected ​bodies and the indistinct boundaries between digital and organic life. In 2021 she was ​awarded the DKB VR Art Prize (DE) and in 2022 she was awarded the I Certamen ​Internacional de Arte Digital (ES) and the Revista MAKMA Aquisition Prize(ES).

Vase n°2, 2022 - 26 x 34 x 71 cm, golden aluminium - wood beech - concrete - pmma neon - resin - steel

Geoffrey Hillereau

An engineer exiled to a distant planet, he longs for the familiarity of Earth, whose essence he ​reconstructs through digital visions and sculptural practice. Working with traditional materials ​such as wood, stone, steel and precious plastics, he blends architectural references from the ​past and present, creating composite sculptures that evoke a sense of wonder, building his ​own wonderland piece by piece.

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